Wednesday, Oct 31, 2018, 11:36 AM CDT


Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge, Jet, OK, United States
54°F Cloudy

Ark Trip, Day 3

Perplexed by the lack of birds at the two places I had expected so much from, I headed out extra early for Salt Plains.

I decided to stay in the central flyway rather than head east. Perhaps I’ll catch up with the birds. Salt Plains is a place I’ve had my eye on for quite awhile.

I did see a lot of wildlife:
Buck white tail
Doe white tail
Great Egret
Great Blue Heron
Tons of Comerants
And thousands of Cranes!!

But by noon I was ready to head east. I drove as long as I could, settled down for the night in Coody’s Bluff, a Wildlife management area. It perfect! No one around for miles!!

Wildlife seen but not photographed:

I saw three of the same kind of hawk, gorgeous markings on the top. No good pics.
Woodpecker, probably a red bellied
Blue jays (?)