Big Horn Sheep!

The Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep have always been one of my favorite animals to photograph. I like to watch them scale rock walls, and butt heads during their rut.


The moose are a relatively new photo subject for me. I’ve only been photographing them since about 2012 as their numbers were increasing in Colorado.

Mountain Goats!

There is something ruggedly “mountain” about our beloved mountain goats. To see them in person is to experience the soul of the Rockies.


A collection of both Black Bears and Grizzly Bears from my adventures.


You’ll find both Mule Deer and White-tailed deer here. We have both here in Colorado. You can find mule deer anywhere. The White-tails seem to like the lower elevations, prairie, grasslands, river bottoms.


The coyote is everywhere, and it usually gets a bad rap. From children’s cartoons to its destructive nature with farm animals, or encroachment into urban areas, the coyote has been ridiculed and looked down on. I find them fascinating. Their keen senses, curious nature, and haunting howls define “wild”.


Long-tailed Weasel

Red Fox