Life isn’t always perfect (notice the bee, upper left, that interrupted my perfect photo, ha!) Sometimes it is raw, ugly, frustrating, difficult, painful (add your own here)… but it doesn’t have to be, should not be TOXIC. Everyone should have a regular detox program.

Zimmerman Lake

As a goal:
1) Nothing toxic in through the ears (verbal abuse, gossip, complaining, non-productive criticism….)
2) Nothing toxic in through the eyes (tv, internet, facebook)
3) Nothing toxic through the mouth (nicotine, processed food, un-“necessary” drugs, any kind of -cide, sugar?)
4) Nothing toxic in through the skin (parabens, chemicals, UV)
5) Nothing toxic in through the heart/spirit (guard relationships, self-talk, thoughts, habits, spiritual journey)

Detoxify your life. Bee whole, bee complete, bee wise, bee informed, bee proactive, bee the best version of YOU.

Photo: Zimmerman Lake is a popular hike in Northern Colorado west of Fort Collins. An easy one mile hike originates from Hwy 14 near Cameron Pass.