I know most of the mountains in my local area by name, and I’ve climbed at least two dozen of them, some several times. I like it when one of my kids ask me, “Hey, dad, what’s the name of that mountain?” and I can tell them! It’s not because I googled it, or because I saw it in a news feed – I’ve been there. I know how to get to the trailhead. I know the landmarks along the trail. I’ve seen the view from the summit, and the blisters I got getting there. No one can ever take that away from me. I know you’ve been places, too – experiences, some of them nightmares – and no one else’s opinion matters because you’ve been there. You know.

I don’t know these mountains. I guess I just haven’t taken the time to look them up. They are in an area I haven’t been to much, but I respect them, just like I respect you for the things in your experiences that I don’t know or could never understand. That’s why time spent with you is so valuable. I get to ask questions. In time I appreciate. That’s what makes us friends. The world needs more friendship.

Trout Lake, Colorado

Update: I looked on the map to see if I could identify the peaks. What I know for sure is that this in in the San Juan National Forest just east of Lizard Head Pass. Here is the map segment…