I’ve been to the mountaintop. I’ve been to THIS mountain’s top, several times. In fact, my wife Toni has been to the summit. That doesn’t mean it’s easy, no. It’s ten miles round trip with over 3200’ in elevation gain. It’s quite strenuous – but there IS a secret. What you are looking at here is NOT the route up! There is a gradual trail leading up from the right (out of view) to the top of Flattop Mountain, across the Tyndall Glacier, then up a sloping final approach on the back side to the summit. I tell you this because I think most of the challenges we face in life at first glance look like the foreboding face of Hallett Peak. We just need to find the trail, then put one foot in front of the other enough times to make it to our destination, which in this case is back at the parking lot! Whatever you are facing in 2021, learn the route, pack light, and expect a grand adventure. I’ll see you at the top!

Route to the top

View from the top

Hallett Peak
Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado