“…and having done all, to stand.” ~ the Apostle Paul

“and” …not a new beginning but a continuation, as walking in stride, as one breath leads to the next, as one color of the rainbow melds into another, as stairs leading to a higher level.

“having” …something that cannot be taken from you, like an experience or revelation, an effort, an intention, a strong conviction – it’s become a part of you at the deepest level.

“done” …evidence of work completed, of works in progress, a sign of participation…you’ve come this far.

“all” …not in part, not without heart nor your very soul, but all, all-in, fully vested, fully engaged.

“to” …the obvious conclusion, the threshold of that goal, the completing last step, what you have come here to realize – not fultile effort, not blind hope, not without cause, but for this hour, this day, to this end. It’s the arrow pointing, the highway leading, the light beckoning, yes that! …that for which you have worked so hard and waited so long…

“stand” …. STAND! Do it! Take it! Eat it! DO what you have come here to do. This is NOT the time to rest or quit! This is the time to stand! Weather the storm, stand your ground, validate your desire, your dream, your sacrifice. This is perseverance. This is character. This is what gives life meaning. This is what you will reprove yourself for not doing if you don’t. This is your “seize the day” moment. You’re ready. You have what it takes. Know it. Believe it. Do it. Stand. Now.

Mount Goliath Natural Area (Mount Evans)