“Being seen is about simply existing in your truth and allowing others to witness that without attempting to hide, diminish, or justify yourself. When we allow someone to truly see us, we invite a deeper, more authentic connection.”

~Celeste Larsen


It’s a crisp November morning, several new inches of new fallen snow, ice crystals clinging to the high prairie sage. The bull moose this time of year are frequently seen in groups. The rut is behind them. Any skirmishes between them are usually pretty docile, usually over desired clumps of grass rather than female attention – and usually between younger bulls. The older larger bulls have nothing to prove. They already proved it. Over the next few weeks the groups will get smaller and it will be more common to see solitary moose, if you see them at all.

Human creatures aren’t much different in their skirmishes. We all do what we must to get noticed, because we know that the best get the best. In civilized circles it’s not an act of violence, but significant nonetheless in its hierarchical purpose.

Aside from getting the best job, the best spouse, or the highest recognition, what most of us really want is to be seen. Yes we may be another face in the crowd, but we are individuals, each with our own brand of intelligence, creativity, feelings, and contributions.