The circle of life continues to spin, whether we like it or not. Change happens…whether we like it or not. The passing season gives way to the coming season, whether we like it or not. Therein is a problem. We insist on liking/disliking, judging good from bad, believing we can accept/reject something out of existence – in the same way that a child thinks that kicking and screaming all the way to the bedroom is really going to change the inevitable. A way of life – gone. A loved one – gone. A job – gone. My hair – gone! Welcome to the new normal, like it…or not. As long as we have our eyes on what we have lost we’ll never be able to see what we may have gained – nor see what we didn’t lose – nor see what we never really had to begin with. Open your eyes. Open your hands. Open your heart. Open your mind and let new possibilities in.

Ten Mile Range,Colorado