Happy Friday, Everyone! As another week comes to a close, let’s boost our spirits by speaking words of gratitude over our week. Even if you have had a tough experience, or you dislike your job, or you are extremely exausted by the stress, verbalizing positivity will greatly increase your emotional energy for enjoying your weekend, and for entering the fray again next week. Whisper words of genuine thankfulness for your provisions, for friends you leaned on, for unexpected delights, for your safety, for the good work you performed, for anticipated bad news that never happened, for everything you learned, etc. Finish by saying, “I am truly blessed!” Even if things were far from perfect or desirable, affirming your blessings will strengthen your inner core. Try it! Let me know if you did indeed feel uplifted!

Staniel Cay, Exuma Cays, Bahamas
“puesta de sol” (sunset)

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