Funny story: Two of my goals when photographing wildlife are 1) See them before they see me, 2) Once they see me, they remain comfortable enough to not care that I am there. While recently exploring Lake Pueblo State Park, CO I saw this muley doe approach a lake cove and begin to drink, so I climbed the back side of the bluff next to the cove to be able to view the deer from above. Goal 1 was met perfectly. I was thinking, “I see you and you don’t even know I’m here!” Then when she started to move up the draw, I thought I’d be smart, sneak around to the top of the draw and wait for her. The wind direction was right, she’d never know I was there! I positioned myself very discreetly and waited. And waited. Perhaps she had found a yummy bush and was busy eating. I waited some more. Suddenly, there she is! She is directly below me about 50’ away, staring right at me!! Ha! She had walked up behind a burm of small Aspen trees out of sight. Tables turned!! I bet she was thinking, “I see you and you don’t even know I’m here!” Hahahaha…. I really did “lol” !! Goal #2 was also met because after seeing me she did not run off but continued to mosey and eat her breakfast, and I got several nice shots. It’s such a privilege to share space with those different than us. Sure, we may come from different cultures, but that doesn’t mean we can’t live together in peace.