“Nowww whooo doo (whooooo)
Whooo doo yoou think you’re fooooling?”

(apologies to the great Paul Simon for the misuse of his lyrics!)

Great Horned Owl, Elko, Nevada

Personal Note: I took this owl photo at Jim and Holly Gregory’s home in Elko, Nevada. There were actually two young owls, born that year, that seemed to continue to hang around their back patio area near the fountain. I was sitting with Holly on that patio enjoying a wonderful evening when this owl came and sat on a perch just above Holly’s head. I already had my camera from shooting butterflies in her garden just a few moments prior, and was able to get this shot. That was the last time I would ever see Holly. She passed away unexpectedly a few short months later. Jim and Holly were such precious people. They were exceedingly kind to me and my wife, Toni Blake. Toni provided training for their management company. I enjoyed taking photos of their horses for several years in preparation for sales. On this particular trip, I was traveling around Idaho and Nevada to photograph many of the properties that they managed.  We spent a couple of Fourth of July holidays with them, attended the Basque Festival, took drives up Lamoille Canyon, drove to Tuscarora, talked for hours! What special friends! We were blessed to have known them, and I will think of them every time I see this owl.