To fiercely shut out other opinions because you have full confidence in your own; to judge an entire culture according to the actions of some; to hold your own belief system in superiority to the beliefs of others; or even to grip your Bible firmly as the full knowledge of God, is like holding a rock and thinking you understand the immensity of the mountain. Never stop learning, exploring, seeing with new eyes!

Pilot Peak, Montana

Peak Week, Day 6

The whole concept of immensity has played a major role in my own personal development, leading me away from much of the typical associations of our culture. I’m a registered independent because I get tired of the spin the two political parties put on the issues. There is so much more behind the headlines than what people argue about. You really have to dig deep to get to the core of what is actually happening. Also, I am a very spiritually devout seeker. Years ago I abandoned my religious affiliation because I got tired of being required to fill my soul with their tiny box of interpretations, formalities, and judgments. In my photography, I definitely know and appreciate all the standard “rules” but the photos I take are as much about what I want them to say to the heart as what they look like to the eye. Whether it’s a mountain, or a blade of grass, the immensity of its significance captivates my sense of wonder. That’s what I always hope to capture and convey with every click of the shutter. That’s how I try to approach every aspect of my life in living as authentically as possible.