“When the awareness of what is achievable brushes your life, your journey has begun.”
―Lorii Myers, author

Peak Week, Day 7:

  • Doug on Twin Sisters Peak – 11,428′ 7/15/2012
  • Doug on Long’s Peak – 14,259′ 7/21/2012

I love the perspective that these photos offer. In regards to reaching goals, it shows the higher goal from the view of the recently accomplished goal. It shows the view back to the lower goal from the just-accomplished higher goal, and it shows the vast chasm of perseverance between the two. Life coaches tell us of the importance of vision mapping – keeping our goals at the forefront of our consciousness, and using the vision to guide us through the gauntlet of distractions.

I couldn’t let Peak Week end without capping off photos OF peaks with a couple of photo views FROM the peaks. I don’t know what mountain you are facing in your life, but I want to encourage you to begin mapping your vision to get where you know you need to go. Make a plan, count the cost, revise the plan, visualize the steps of the plan, study the skills required to fulfill the plan, commit to the plan, then go in the direction of your dreams!

And remember, I’m rooting for you!

In all my years growing up in Colorado, going to the mountains, visiting Estes Park, and Rocky Mountain National Park, I never knew that Long’s Peak was climbable. The giant rock summit looked unattainable, but always admired as a magnificent mountain. Upon moving back to Colorado in 1994 was the first that I learned that Long’s was actually a very popular climb, albeit challenging. That was my “brush with awareness” and that summer I completed my first Longs summit climb, 16 miles round trip, about net 5000’ in elevation gain. Since then I have returned to the mountain about a dozen times. 2012 was my last summit, my personal fastest, before injuring my back in a freak accident at home. After climbing to over 100 summits, these past seven years have seen me anchored reluctantly to the lower forest trails.

This past December my back received extensive repairs that appear to have been very successful! I have once again felt the brush of awareness of what may be attainable! I will probably never return to the aggressive level of climbing that would like to do, however, I have set a goal to once again ascend to the summit of Long’s – probably the summer/fall of 2021. I’ll be 60 years old, hopefully back to full strength and endurance. My journey has begun! 🏔🏕☀️