“Recognize the remarkable individuals in your life who help you envision a world far beyond yourself.”
― Bill Courtney, Against the Grain: A Coach’s Wisdom on Character, Faith, Family, and Love

WILD Feature, Peak Week, Day 4 –
American Bison

Buck Mountain (right), Static Peak (left)

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

I’ve known remarkable people throughout my entire life – my parents, a high school English teacher, a boss that gave me a second chance, a mentor who once accused me of being “a dollar chasing a dime” 😬, my daughters, my wife Toni (my favorite human) …and a thousand other points of light that touched my life in profound ways. There is no such thing as a “self made man/woman” no one is an island. We are infinitely entwined with the world and the universe around us – physically, emotionally, environmentally, spiritually in every way. And you are just as important to others as they are to you. Don’t ever doubt that. Keep giving of yourself even when you are not getting the response you hope for. Stay loving, stay kind, stay hopeful.

Thank you for being in my life!