Make a loose fist then set it on a table, palm down. Now stick out your pointer finger and lift it from the table. No problem, right? Now put that finger back into your fist and try your middle finger. A little harder, but still fairly easy. Now put that finger back into your fist and try your little finger – easy. Now try your ring finger. What happened??? It probably did not leave the table. If it did, you probably had to give great effort.

It’s interesting that the wedding ring goes on this weakest finger. Partners are intended to be there for one another in their weakest hour. It seems self-defeating for partners to feel like they have to solve their issues on their own. They are missing the greatest gift of their life! Likewise, being there for the struggling partner in full love, support and acceptance is our greatest privilege and duty. Don’t be that dead weight in the relationship that won’t lift a finger to help!! Be a team, be a united force, be a defender rather than a critic. Don’t be the one always trying to change the other, yet at the same time, take your partner’s clues about what they need changed in the relationship. Each one should be as strong as they can be, yet be ready to lean, and be leaned upon, when needed. Circle the wagons around your loved one. Fiercely guard the bond you share – the love, the friendship, the joys, and the unique callings that each brings to the world. Celebrate your individualities! If you are ever tempted to point a finger at the other, make sure it’s the one with the ring on it – do it from out of your own weakness, with humility and grace. Let love reign supreme!

Dedicated to Toni. You are my strength! #us4ever