Great Horned Owl

Great Horned Owl, late fall, deep in the rugged terrain of Colorado’s Gore Range…he was high in a leafless aspen tree that was growing up from the bottom of a steep ravine. Somehow he allowed me to climb the side of the ravine until we were eye to eye. I think he must have been reciting Gwynneth’s mantra from the poem because my interfering presence never upset him! I sat there for a good half hour or more under lightly falling snow enjoying the sounds of the forest: the trickle of the stream below, a soft breeze singing through the pines, snowflakes coming to rest on my jacket. He would occasionally glance my way, and I would snap a photo. When it was time to move on, I thanked him and quietly slipped away. The last time I saw him, about a half mile away, he was still perched in his tree, at home, at peace, completely secure in his position. I wondered if he still saw me, too!

i can see in the dark
you can not
i can see what lies ahead
you can not
take this bird’s advice
or not
this new moon is electrically charged
trying to create havoc to your core
bursts of
anxiety, impatience, and impulsiveness
causing the crazies
will occur
if not prepared
reign in your restless and impulsive side
recognizing senseless stupidity
wants to take hold
on intent
on breath
breathe daily
into the mantra
into the mantra
i am rooted
i am conscious
i am empowered
i am my truth

by Gwynneth Green

28 day New Moon Mantra


This is the latest pairing of one of my photos with superb poetry by our good friend Gwynneth Green. Please follow the link above to visit her wonderful website and more of her inspiring poetry.